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Benedict’s ‘all-in-one’ bio-retention profile BIO-GRO™ complies with the Adoption Guidelines for Stormwater Bio-filtration Systems (CRC WSC 2015). The profile comprises three individually manufactured layers with the necessary characteristics to enhance hydraulic conductivity and ensure optimal bridging. BIO-GRO™, it’s scientifically tested, and engineered to exceed your specifications.


“We measured the actual field performance of M165 on a number of projects. The tests were carried out over an extended period to ensure results were truly representative of field conditions. In terms of hydraulic conductivity, M165 meets the requirements as per industry guidelines.” – Olof Jay Jonasson
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The BIO-GRO™ profile comprises three individually manufactured layers: M165 Bio-retention media, Washed Transition Sand and No Fines Drainage Gravel. Once installed, the profile ensures optimal hydraulic conductivity and bridging.
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