Get “the look that lasts”

Quartz – it’s a precious commodity. Formed over tens of thousands of years, these timeless pebbles from our Cowra Quarry are exclusive to Benedict’s range of decorative aggregates.  Add a touch of class with ‘Glacier White’ or enjoy the natural, rustic appeal of ‘Sunset Gold’. There’s a wide range of pebble sizes too – from 7mm up to 300m.  With Cowra Quartz – the opportunities are endless.


A formal driveway, a sophisticated entry statement, or perhaps a simple garden border…
Cowra Quartz can be used in many practical and exciting ways to enhance your property or commercial project.
Looking for inspiration?  Here’s just a few great examples of Cowra Quartz in use.

Cowra Quartz is also available from the following retail stores:

Flower Power, Turtle Landscape Supplies, Mark’s, BC Sands, Hothams, Stonehenge, Gungahlin, Burnetts, Greenlands

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