Benedict SmartMix® 9 Biofiltration Filter Media

SmartMix® #9 Biofiltration Filter Media (M165) is manufactured to comply with CRC Adoption Guidelines for Stormwater Biofiltration Systems (July 2015) as the filter media (top layer/ growing media). It has the essential hydraulic conductivity required for use in biofiltration basins, whilst also having the horticultural properties essential for initial plant strike and maintaining ongoing plant health.

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SmartMix® Biofiltration Profile.

use The Hills Rockslinger.


  • Biofiltration Filter Media (top layer/growing media)
  • General-purpose, free-draining growing media for use within raingardens and stormwater filtration systems that include a vegetation layer for effective pollutant removal.
  • CRC for Water Sensitive Cities, Adoption Guideline for Stormwater Biofiltration Systems (July 2015) Appendix C
  • Leake and Haege (2014) specification F2 raingardens and stormwater filtration soils

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