We place a high value on people, safety and the environment. Doing the job right every time and on time.

Benedict Safety

Benedict is committed to providing the safest possible working environment to all persons entering our sites whether they are employees, contractors, customers or visitors. Benedict promotes a culture where workplace injuries are considered preventable. All of our people have responsibility for implementing this policy and together we work towards a safer work environment for everyone.


Benedict Policy Objectives

  • Provide and maintain a safe and healthy workplace, safe plant and equipment, and safe systems of work so far as practicable;
  • Work to eliminate hazards and practices that could cause incidents, injuries, and illnesses;
  • Communicate openly with government and the community on safety issues, and contribute to the development of policies, legislation, and regulations that may affect Benedict Operations;
  • Clearly define Health & Safety responsibilities for Managers, Employees and Contractors;
  • Ensure that Benedict has management systems to effectively identify, control and monitor safety risks arising from its operations. In order to uphold this policy, the Company is committed to developing, implementing, maintaining, and updating safe work practices through regular consultation with employees from all levels within the Company, as well as from external sources. It is fundamental that this policy and the associated safety procedures can be opened for review, improvement and clarification at any time.
  • Benedict believes that early commencement of rehabilitation following illness or injury maximises the potential for a full recovery. This being the case, Benedict is committed to ensuring that rehabilitation commences as soon as is safely possible.
  • Benedict will ensure that it is both practice and expectation that an injured worker will return to work as soon as safely possible.
  • Benedict will ensure that participation in a rehabilitation programme will not, of itself, prejudice an injured worker. The workers compensation insurer for Benedict is Employers Mutual.
  • Provide the necessary resources, information, instruction, and training to enable effective implementation of this policy;
  • Allocate Company resources to meet the commitments of the Policy;
  • Involve and consult with all people who work for the Company on Health and Safety issues;
  • Ensure that its employees and suppliers of goods and services are informed about this policy and aware of their occupational health and safety responsibilities in relation to Benedict business;
  • Benedict is committed to preventing injury and illness to all of its employees. This will be achieved by providing a safe and healthy working environment.
  • Benedict is committed to providing suitable duties when available for an injured worker as an integral part of the rehabilitation process.
  • Benedict will ensure that during the rehabilitation process; workers, nominated doctors and specialists, insurers and the Company will consult under mutual obligation, for the best interests of the injured worker.
  • All accidents resulting in injury to an employee must be reported immediately to your supervisor and within 24 hours to the Return to Work Coordinator.

Benedict Quality
  • Benedict has adopted a Company-wide Quality approach to all the Company’s operations. The basis for which is the AS/ NZS ISO9001 (2000) Quality Management System that introduces new customer satisfaction and end product conformity objectives to preceding Australian Standards. Our Quality objective is to consistently supply our customers a quality of service and product that meets or exceeds their needs and expectations.
  • This we believe is realistic and achievable as we have adopted the approach of “doing the job right every time and on time”. Thus, we aim to provide reliable Technical and Sales support services, with a focus on the production and delivery of quality quarry and landscape products to our Customers. Along with this, our objective is to use the Company’s Quality Management System to assist in achieving and exceeding our Company’s business goals and objectives.
  • Commitment to our policy and objectives is maintained by conducting training of all staff in regard to this policy and its subsequent Quality Manual, conducting reviews, internal audits, and other training and activities such as correction or prevention of nonconformities.


Benedict Compliance

Benedict’s goal is to deliver sustainable solutions for the quarrying and recycling industries. We have a clear strategy based on 50 years of experience, innovation, operational excellence – and a sound platform of best Safety, Quality and Environmental practices.


This is reinforced by our commitment to operating disciplines throughout the business and to developing our employees. A pivotal feature of our strategy and operations is our commitment to doing business at all times in an ethical, environmentally responsible and transparent manner. It is Benedict policy that all its employees observe the spirit of the law and to maintain the highest standards of ethical standards within the framework.



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Water Monitoring

Air Monitoring


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Water Monitoring


EPL 4612

Water Monitoring

Sandy Point

EPL 1924

Water Monitoring

Blast Monitoring

Noise Monitoring




EPL 20771

Water Monitoring

Noise Monitoring


EPL 21180

Water Monitoring


Benedict and the Environment - our guiding principles

Leaving the Land in better shape than when we found it. High standard in environmental care.


Environmentally responsible solutions to maximise resource recovery whilst specialising in resource recovery for the waste industry.


It is Benedict policy to achieve a high standard of environmental care in conducting its business as Resources, Recycling and Quarry Products Supply Company contributing to society’s material needs. The Benedict approach to environmental management seeks continuous improvement in performance by taking account of evolving scientific knowledge and community expectations in direct consultation with government agencies. Specifically, it is Benedict policy to:

  • Comply with all applicable laws, regulations and standards; uphold the spirit of the law; and where laws do not adequately protect the environment, apply standards that minimise any adverse environmental impacts resulting from its operations, products or services;
  • Communicate openly with government and the community on environmental issues, and contribute to the development of policies, legislation and regulations that may affect the Benedict Operations;
  • Ensure that its employees and suppliers of goods and services are informed about this policy and aware of their environmental responsibilities in relation to the BE Benedict business;
  • Ensure that it has management systems to identify, control and monitor environmental risks arising from its operations;
  • Conduct research and establish programs to conserve resources, minimise wastes, improve processes and protect the environment.


Benedict and the Community

Supporting the community is our passion – it’s just the right thing to do.


Benedict is dedicated to supporting the communities in which our customers and employees live and work. Whether it’s through sponsorship or donations, Benedict takes pride in giving something back, to reinvest and reconnect with the community, and create a positive impact for both the community and the business.


We are proud to have contributed to the following clubs and charities.

Benedict Charity

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