GENERAL SOLID WASTE – Tip it at Benedict Recycling

If you have building or demolition waste that has been classified as CT1 General Solid Waste – ‘Recyclable’, then
Benedict Recycling is the best option for you. Whether you’re running a major infrastructure project or just clearing a new residential zone,
our staff will ensure your tipping experience is fast, safe and friendly!

Important! Tipping subject to Test Reports being supplied and approved. Price on Application.

Waste Classification

What type of waste is it?

We can help you with your site spoils. Whether or not your tests return a classification of ENM, VENM or CT1 as per the EPA’s testing requirements. We accept General Solid Waste CT1 – Recyclable.  This is Building & Demolition Waste from Infrastructure projects. it may contain man-made rubbish such as plastic, paper, cloth, metal, brick, concrete and asphalt. View our Accepted Waste here


We can help with transport

Benedict’s Cart and Dispose service will make life easier for you.  Talk to our team, we can provide quotes on Cart and Dispose options should your job require it.

After Hours Tipping

When the deadline’s tight…

Does your project involve night road works? Do you need to move your waste quickly or before the morning rush? Benedict Recycling provides a full after hours tipping service at our Chipping Norton, Newcastle and Wollongong recycling facilities.

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