Sustainable and environmental initiatives

Benedict is committed to delivering sustainable and environmental initiatives and takes a broad and long term stance on sustainability through informed and balanced decision-making processes.

Being sustainable influences how Benedict plans and delivers products and services, manages our environment, engages with local communities, employs people, and manages their well-being.


Benedict’s Sustainability Goal

Benedict aims to provide a safe workplace for its employees, embraces workforce diversity, embeds sustainable work practices whilst we deliver business outcomes for customers and endeavours to foster strong relationships with suppliers and local communities.

Benedict ensures that we leave the land in better shape than when we found it so that the community can enjoy its social and economic benefits for many generations.

Benedict implements sustainability goals through its core operational objectives:

Safety First

People and community

Sustainable Environment


Sustainable Sourcing


Corporate Governance

Sustainability Initiatives

Greenfleet Initiative

Since 2010, as part of our commitment to the environment and the community, in conjunction with our Sydney Water Tender, Benedict committed to regular contributions to Greenfleet. This collaboration has ensured the realisation of our vision of ‘leaving the land in better shape than when we found it’. Over the past several years, our regular donations to Greenfleet have supported the establishment of biodiverse forests whilst offsetting our emissions.

Additionally, tens of thousands of trees have been established by our ongoing site rehabilitation programs.

The year Benedict started supporting Greenfleet and participating in their Carbon Offset Program.

trees have been planted by Greenfleet because of Benedict’s contributions.

of CO2 have been offset because of these native, biodiverse forests.

Site Rehabilitation

Benedict leads the way in research and innovative solutions and technologies that minimize land degradation, reducing negative human impact, rehabilitating degraded areas and ensuring the optimal use of land resources for the benefit of present and future generations.

Benedict’s forward thinking and planning initiatives, environmental resources, management policies and environmental protection initiatives create a more sustainable environment and minimising existing land-use conflicts.

Rehabilitating our sites using high quality and sustainable materials ensures an improved environment for generations to come and at the same time offers substantial economic and social benefits for the community.


Benedict Rehabilitation Initiatives
Interesting Facts

In total 1,406,000m2

Or alternatively 146 hectares or 365 acres have been restored by Benedict.

Chipping Norton

Returned to the public in the form of recreational parklands – Heron Park


Returned to rural form for the community to enjoy


Stages 4 and 5 adjacent to Menangle Park Paceway (harness racing) rehabilitation completed 2010. Stage 6 west of Menangle Bridge rehabilitation completed 2014.

George’s Cove Marina

Moorebank site will be redeveloped into ‘Georges Cove’ residential and marina facilities. The development will mean the construction of a marina with 186 wet berths, 250 dry berths, restaurants and cafes and recreational and club facilities creating employment and social hub for residents delivering social and economic benefits to local community.
The development will provide people with greater access to the Georges River, encourage the rehabilitation of a degraded site, and provide much needed jobs in the area. The marina will be built on the Benedict Industries site at Moorebank which was rezoned for medium density residential, commercial and private open space development.

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