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The BENEDICT Industries Pty Ltd group of companies is a Sydney based, family owned and managed Quarrying, Resources and Recycling Company. Established in 1966, it grew from a Haulage Contractor to becoming one ofthe largest resellers of Quarried materialsin NSW. In 1978 the Company expanded into mining by acquiring a large sand resource at Chipping Norton (which it extracted until 1999) and thereupon embarked on a course of expanding its resource base that continues today.

The Company continues to acquire and develop new deposits for extraction throughout the Sydney region, as well as increasing its market share in Waste & Recycling. BENEDICT has acquired quarries to achieve its goal of supplying a comprehensive range of Sands, Soils, Sandstone, Decorative Aggregates and Recycled products direct from Company owned Operations.

Since 1991, BENEDICT has acquired:
> Menangle Sand & Soil Pty Ltd
> Warringah Gravel & Stone Supplies Pty Ltd
> Established BENEDICT Recycling Pty Ltd including:
 Chipping Norton, Belrose and Banksmeadow.
> Established Glass Granulates Pty Ltd
> Established Mittagong Sands Pty Ltd
> Mittagong & Cowra Quartz Quarries (both a 50/50 Joint Venture with Rocla Pty Ltd)
> Established Appin Sands at Appin (50/50 Joint Venture with Pacsons Quarries)
> Opened Great Southern Rock at Sandy Point (near Liverpool)

A list of current operations follows:

BENEDICT Sand & Gravel
Major wholesaler / reseller of quarried, recycled and landscaping products from both Company owned and external quarries, with an in-house distribution and delivery network, delivering to the greater Sydney Region and NSW Country.

Benedict Sands - Menangle
Sand and Soil extraction and processing. Sydney’s largest supplier of soils, special golf course and bowling green blends, garden mixes and specialised sands.Controls more than 70% of Sydney’s approved topsoil reserves.

Benedict Sands - Belrose
This Sandstone quarry has operated since 1966. Products include; sandstone products, screened sands, recycled aggregates, road bases and garden mixes. Additionally it serves as a construction and demolition waste transfer station feeding the Benedict Recycling plant at Chipping Norton.

Great Southern Rock – Sandy Point
This sandstone deposit has very large reserves. A range of sandstone products are available including armour rock, sawn blocks, gabion spalls, landscaping rock plus a range of crushed products. It is intended to produce a range of construction sands given its centrality to the Sydney market.

Mittagong Sands Pty Ltd - Mittagong

This is a joint venture with Rocla Pty Ltd producing concrete & brick sand for Southern Highlands, South Coast and Metropolitan Sydney. Established December 2000.
BENEDICT Recycling Pty Ltd
The main recycling facility is located at Riverside Road, Chipping Norton. This resource recovery and waste management facility commenced operation in March 2008. Feedstocks such as construction and demolition materials, commercial and industrial wastes as well as residues from other recycling facilities are sorted with the assistance of optical sorting and wind separation technologies. These have been adapted by the Company to dramatically improve recovery efficiencies.

The facility is supported by transfer stations at Belrose & Banksmeadow.

Currently the industry leader, at a recovery rate of 90%, when our Waste-to-Energy plant, is commissioned in early 2014, it will bring the recycling efficiency of the facility to 98% whilst exporting enough green energy to power thousands of homes and industries nearby. This will continue to keep our Chipping Norton waste facility as the most technologically advanced and efficient waste recovery facility in Australia. We are currently investigating the provision of waste heat from this facility to power a nearby Marina and housing sub division currently undertaken by the Company which could supply all the cooling, heating and waste water treatment demands for the development..

Appin Sands Quarry - Appin
This joint venture with Pacsons Quarries produces washed sands, brickie sands, soil blends and sandstone aggregates. It contains some 20 years worth of reserves.

Cowra Quartz (Joint Venture) - Cowra

This 50/50 Joint Venture with Rocla Pty Ltd produces high quality decorative white and gold quartz pebble as well as coarse and fine washed sands. Reserves of 30 years plus.