40mm Cowra Quartz Gold20mm Cowra Quartz White20mm Cowra Quartz GoldLandscape Blend WhiteLandscape Blend GoldROC GoldROC WhiteC470 Gold
40mm Cowra Quartz White
40mm Cowra Quartz Gold
20mm Cowra Quartz White
20mm Cowra Quartz Gold
Landscape Blend White
Landscape Blend Gold
ROC Gold
ROC White
C470 Gold

Rounded Decorative Aggregates

Rounded Decorative Aggregates are sourced from Alluvial deposits (riverbeds and floodplains). The abrasive action of water & sediment over time creates a rounded particle shape. The alluvial aggregates are mined and screened/ washed to provide various sizes of materials, including 7mm, 10mm, 14mm, 20mm, 40mm 75-150mm and 150-300mm. If you are looking for a distinctive colour pebble to highlight your garden beds, why not try Cowra Quartz Pebbles. Cowra Quartz come in a range of sizes in a stunning White or Gold Colour. Pebble. Please contact us for further information.

  • Aesthetic Decorative Mulch
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