Benedict SmartMix®6 Native Garden Mix (Horizon A)

Benedict Organic Native Planting Mix (SmartMix® 6) is a premium grade native garden mix, offering excellent drainage, acidic pH and low phosphorous levels, this mix is specifically designed for use in the A Horizon (top 300mm) for native planting applications.

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  • High-profile amenity turf areas requiring consistent visual impact and aesthetic appeal.
  • Australian native and low-phosphorus planting applications on-grade
  • Premium planting medium for TfNSW and large infrastructure projects
  • General-purpose landscape installations where fertiliser applications can be adjusted to suit specific planting requirements.
  •  AS4419:2018 – Soils for landscape and garden use
  • TfNSW QA Specification R178 Vegetation – Clause 2.1.3 Imported General Purpose Topsoil
  • TfNSW QA Specification R179 Landscape Planting – Clause 2.1.2 Imported Organic Topsoil
  • Leake and Haege (2014) Specification D1, D2 and D4.

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