Benedict SmartMix®7 Native Garden Subsoil (Horizon B)

A premium grade Native Garden Sub-soil Mix specifically designed for use in the B Horizon (below 300mm) for native planting applications. Its low organic matter content and excellent drainage assure its suitability as a sub-soil media.

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  • Native and low-P planting applications on-grade below 300mm
  • General-purpose landscape installations where the garden bed or container requires the installation of a subsoil to ensure that the organic planting soil is only placed at 300mm depth
  • AS4419:2018 – Soils for landscape and garden use
  • TfNSW QA Specification R178 Vegetation – Clause 2.1.3 Imported General Purpose Topsoil
  • TfNSW QA Specification R179 Landscape Planting – Clause 2.1.2 Imported Organic Topsoil
  • Specification D4 – Advanced Tree and Vault Soils by Leake and Haege (2014)

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