Benedict SmartMix®5 Lightweight Planter Subsoil (Horizon B)

The B Horizon (below 300mm) in a Planter Box Soil Profile, needs a free draining, non-slumping material, that has very low organic matter levels. The need for low organic matter exists because below 300mm gas exchange with the air ceases and organic matter will begin producing phytotoxic gases as a result of anaerobic conditions.

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  • For use in on-slab applications with an expectation of longevity
  • Planter (‘B’ Horizon) on slab
  • Planter (‘B’ Horizon) on grade
  • Turf Underlay (‘B’ Horizon) on slab
  • AS4419: 2018 Low Density Media (On Slab)
  • Leake and Haege (2014) Specification E2: On slab soil media ‘B’ Horizon

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