Ernest Dupere doesn’t have a problem with waste. He can’t get enough of it. Better it go to him and the company he co-directs with Dana Dupere, than end up in landfill or worse, dumped illegally.

Benedict Industries is the second biggest recycler in the Sydney area but its point of difference is what it does with its waste-streams. In a world of shrinking resources, cost imperatives and public expectations about the environment the building industry has seen a steady growth in the recycling of waste and the take-up of recycled products.

“In many ways Benedict has led the way for the provision of recycled and quarry landscape products to the construction industry in Sydney,’’ says Mr Dupere.

The trend is clear. According to the Australian National Waste Report 2016 prepared for the federal Department of Environment and Energy and released last year, about 20 mega tonnes of construction and demolition waste was generated in 2014-15 and 64 per cent was recovered.

Ern says “builders have always appreciated the cost-savings that proper waste management and recycling can provide, and if they can be more efficient with the waste generated – then they’ll appreciate the cost-savings even more’’.

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