Benedict loves February 14. Not only is today Valentine’s Day but is also our 54 Birthday!

Benedict was founded by Ronald (Ron) Benedict Smith and his wife Margaret on February 14 1966, Changeover Day, which saw the old system of pounds, shillings and pence gave way to the new dollars and cents.

As an Australian family owned and operated company we have grown from a small haulage contractor, delivering gravel and aggregates in Sydney, to Benedict Industries a successful provider of quarried and natural products, as well as a waste recycling company servicing New South Wales. Our mission is to produce, supply and deliver quality materials through innovative and environmentally responsible solutions whilst maximising resource recovery.

Benedict has come a long way since we were founded and we’ve evolved and thought it was time our logo and branding did too. Defined by the strength of our customer partnerships, quality products and excellent customer service we opted to retain aspects of our visual identity—such as our three stepped logo—with a fresh spin.

So what’s new? Even though we have maintained the grey and gold colour palette in this new version the colours are deeper and stronger to better reflect who we are. We have separated the dark grey Benedict from the two gold words to make it stand apart. When representing a particular business unit such as ‘Benedict Industries’, ‘Benedict Recycling’ ‘Benedict Sand & Gravel’ now only the specific business unit is mentioned under the Benedict name – reducing repetition. This new logo, also allows us to have a bolder visual presence, since it makes it easier to identify the brand faster, even in smaller sizes.

“This rebrand doesn’t change who we are, or where we came from, as a company. Instead, it strengthens our commitment to creating a sustainable business that will grow with the generations to come” Elke Dupere Rowan, Group Marketing Manager. “There have been many milestones and changes over time, but one thing that remains steady is our culture and values as a business.”

What do you think of our new logo? We hope you like is as much as we do!