Constructed on a site located on Dharawal Land along with its traditional owners, the Campbelltown Hospital Redevelopment (CHR) Project is an important landscaping project, and an undertaking of considerable significance to the local area’s indigenous community and culture.

CHR is the second stage of an ongoing programme by Health Infrastructure NSW constructed by CPB Contractors. Designed by landscape architects Ground Ink with landscape construction by Profile Landscapes, the project provides key areas for the hospital such as healing circles, welcoming stones, and sensory rocks – each with individual carvings and relevant significance.

The specific placement of individual rocks and design of the sandstone retaining walls mark the site and connect it with its cultural heritage. Given their importance, the significant rocks were carefully selected and handpicked by Profile Landscapes’ Senior Project Manager, Rod Andrews in conjunction with Uncle Ivan Wellington and other indigenous elders – from Benedict’s Appin Sands quarry, while all other rocks were sourced from Benedict’s Sandy Point quarry.  The three feature rocks were:

Welcome Stone – a large diamond-shaped rock (above) that is set pointing up, immediately outside the hospital’s main entrance.
Sensory Stone – set in the plaza area at the main entrance, this rock features hands carved into it.
Healing Stone – situated in a sunny, quiet garden area where patients can continue their healing journey. The Healing Stone has a natural depression in it where a small amount of water collects when it rains – enhancing the tranquillity of the setting.

The plant selection (all indigenous native species) adds to the authenticity of the landscape, and their set out accentuates the Welcome, Sensory and Healing experience. In addition, one of the rooftops has been covered with 20mm Round River Pebble – sourced from the Murrumbidgee River. Pebbles were supplied in bulka bags and were craned onto the roof for installation.

Finally, the project committee would like to congratulate CPB Contractors, Ground Ink Landscape Architects, Rod Andrews, and the Profile Landscapes team on an outstanding result. Special thanks to Benedict, for providing the opportunity to explore their quarries and to ultimately find the ideal rocks to achieve this outcome.