Tipping your waste couldn’t be easier since we launched our free trailer hire* at all our recycling facilities. If you don’t want to get your car dirty, or simply have too much rubbish for one car load, you can use our trailer that can hold up to 1.1T of material. Hire our trailer for FREE* when you tip your dry household waste at one of our Benedict Recycling facilities.

Our recycling facilities are Open to the Public and Tradies. We want your mixed building and demolition waste and your household rubbish (but no food or liquid wastes please). Whether you bring it in your own ute or tipper, or hire our trailer for free (for 4 hours, if you tip at one of our facilities).

Trust your waste to Benedict Recycling. We understand that our everyday actions impact people’s lives. We have successfully diverted about 85% (and rising) of waste from landfill and are committed to resource recovery by turning it into usable landscape and construction materials.

Check out our recycling facility locations and their price lists which includes a list of the types of waste we accept.

Learn more about our Free Trailer Hire or dive right in and Book a Trailer Today

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