As a leading supplier of recycled and quarried products, Benedict is committed to quality, compliance, and transparency in all we do. We take a company-wide approach to ensuring that all our products meet the highest standards as well as the needs of our customers. Benedict has an internal Quality Control and Environmental Compliance unit, and we externally test all our materials to the relevant industry and environmental standards.

Benedict have developed convenient and easy to use resources, available on our website to streamline the product compliance process for customers who have purchased our products.

  • Site Specific Requirements for Imported Materials will provide guidance on project-specific conditions that you need to inform us of at the time of quoting, as well as an outline of the process for the testing and approval of Benedict products before they are delivered to projects.
  • Site Access for Product Testing facilitates an easy process for Customers and/or environmental consultants to apply for and safely gain access to our sites. This enables samples to be taken directly from product stockpiles for specific contaminate testing. Approval can then be given for materials at the source, before materials are delivered to the project.
  • Product Statements of Compliance These statements contain the relevant NSW EPA Resource Recovery Orders that apply to the product and/or components. These reports are available on request on a product or project basis and can usually be provided on the day of request.

“Work sites are becoming increasingly subject to environmental compliance regulations such as Remediation Action Plans (RAP),” says David Connor, Group Sales and Distribution Manager.  “We are seeing more projects than ever having site specific requirements for imported materials, and we find our customers have a higher level of success when they inform us of these requirements at the beginning of the project.”

“Benedict’s level of transparency and documentation means that our Customers can be confident that we are meeting compliance requirements. By making available all necessary site-specific compliance information upfront and by welcoming product testing directly at the source, costly project delays are avoided.”

“We understand that increased product compliance requirements cause additional workload for our Customers, and we are committed to assisting them with a smooth process for the quoting, product approval and the delivery of materials.” adds David.

Additionally, Benedict Sands Menangle, our main horticultural products Quarry, is the only Quarry site that we know of that has been given approval by the EPA to mix various ‘formerly waste’ components such as compost, organics, manures and ash to produce horticultural mixes. The Mixed Materials Order allows us to lawfully blend these recycled materials to assure that we produce compliant, sustainable, and technically superior horticultural products.

Benedict’s technical expertise in product development, quality control and environmental compliance, as well as our online compliance resources, means that Customers can have confidence that our products are not only fit for purpose, but also fully compliant when they leave our sites.

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