Sandy Point Sandstone Spalls

It is no secret that we have a huge carbon emissions problem that significantly contributes to climate change. Our climate is changing faster than predicted and if we, as businesses and individuals, don’t start taking serious actions now, climate change will bring more severe consequences – heat waves, wildfires, hailstorms, etc.

There are many ways to fight climate change – cycle to work, eat less meat, go paperless, recycle waste, use reusable products – all of them are great. However, one of the best solutions is forest restoration. Trees not only absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere but also reduce soil erosion, improve water quality, preserve biodiversity and provide a safe environment for native species.

As an industry leader, Benedict wants to keep making a difference and a Greenfleet Planting Day is a great way for Benedict to demonstrate its environmental commitment. For the third year running, Benedict has partnered with Greenfleet, a not-for-profit environmental organisation dedicated to protect our climate by restoring our forests. Since 1997 and with the help from corporate volunteers and supporters, Greenfleet has planted more than 9.2 million native trees across 500 biodiverse forests in Australia and New Zealand. In 9 years that Benedict has been involved, we have planted 9,622 trees, equivalent to over 1000 trees a year or about 3 trees per day. This also equates to 2,578 tonnes of carbon sequestered from our atmosphere.

In May 2019, the Benedict team of volunteers with the Greenfleet crew, the Sutherland Shire Council team and other business supporters, met to take practical action and make a difference to the environment and the local community. A total of 515 trees were planted at the Towra Point Nature Reserve, a zone that is home to many endangered, protected and exotic species. These trees will grow to create an ecosystem and increase the area’s biodiversity.

“It feels great to help restore our forests. I love that Benedict supports such a great initiative and encourages us – the staff – to take practical action.” says Emily Collier, IT Supervisor at Benedict. “It is also good to see so many people getting together to help. It is everyone’s responsibility to help protect the environment.” Ana Maria Daza, Benedict’s Marketing Executive, added.

Aside from Benedict volunteers, organisations including Barker Ryan Stewart, Batch Brewing Co, Biopak, Brown Bros Skips, Disney, Flora & Fauna, Commander Centre, Knight Frank, Mel’s Art of Zen, MMSG, Scarab Rouge and The Sustainable Traveller sent volunteers to help plant the trees.