Sandy Point Sandstone Spalls

Great news for Sydney’s landscapers and civil construction companies! Benedict Sand & Gravel has broadened its range of quality building products and materials to include Sandstone Spalls, which are ideal for any upcoming infrastructure and landscape projects.

The high-grade spalls are now being produced in large quantities at Benedict Sand & Gravel’s Sandy Point Quarry in Sydney’s south-west, making the products very accessible for many of the major infrastructure and landscape projects that are currently underway and planned for the greater Sydney basin.

Produced by crushing and screening quarried sandstone, the spalls have an angular finish, giving them optimal stability and drainage, and making them ideal for a large range of applications. Sandstone Spalls blend right in with the natural landscape and look exceptional as a non-structural gabion basket-filler, are popular as creek bed and bank lining, and can also be used as bridging layers in new estates where rising water is a concern.

While the recently released spalls are a new product to the market, it’s the other premium products that the sandstone quarry produces – rocks and boulders and aggregates – that have kept industry ticking over in both good and tough times.

Behind Benedict’s product range is a very experienced and switched-on sales team that can help you with technical support and answer your questions. So, when Benedict also handles the logistics and ensures your order is delivered on time – every time, you know that the customer experience will be a good one.