Hawkesbury Sandstone is a durable & resilient sedimentary rock sourced from the Greater Sydney Basin. Aesthetically sandstone looks great and is used for many decorative landscape and civil applications, making sandstone an easy choice for discerning architects, civil engineers, landscape and civil contractors.

Sandstone Spalls have a variety of applications, serving as natural site access material, aesthetic gabion baskets, creek bed lining to prevent erosion, and as bridging layers in new residential developments. Sandy Point offers Sandstone Spalls in sizes of 75/200mm and 150/300mm, and Appin offer the 75/300mm size.

Sandstone Rock uses include creek wall lining and stabilization, retaining walls, serving as aesthetic rock for play and picnic areas, and acting as natural vehicle barriers for ovals or picnic grounds.

Rock sizes that are available from both our Appin and Sandy Point sites are:

  • ONEMAN (300-500mm)
  • TWOMAN (500-700mm)
  • BOBCAT (700-1200mm)
  • LARGE ROCK (1200m plus)

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Retaining wall

Sandstone Spalls

Creek bed erosion control