Sandy Point Sandstone Spalls

Benedict has made it even easier for you to get commercial quantities of high-quality sandstone.  Conveniently located in south-west Sydney, the Sandy Point Quarry is only a few minutes from the M5 motorway. For over a decade Benedict has been supplying, and delivering, a comprehensive range of sandstone products – from fine sands through to beautiful natural boulders.

As well as pebbles, aggregates and rocks, the friendly team at Sandy Point are now producing large quantities of Sandstone Spalls. Spalls fit perfectly into the Australian landscape, ideal for sea-walls, basins and verges, they also look great in a Gabion baskets.

Sydney is built on sandstone, and one of the big advantages of using sandstone for horticultural applications is that it’s natural to the environment. Material such as Benedict’s PATH20 make an ideal choice for low traffic areas, informal pathways and decorative finishes. It can also be stabilised with mortar and concrete mixes. Larger boulders and rocks are ideal for pipe culverts, riprap walls and alike because of its low impact on sensitive flora. Sandstone is the ideal choice for bushland and native planted areas.

The use of inorganic, cost effective mulches such as sandstone is growing in popularity. Beds which are properly mulched with gravel, rocks or pebbles require very little maintenance for many years. Rain and irrigation water penetrates easily to the soil and plant roots where it’s needed, and weeds are suppressed. Research also shows that inorganic mulches are excellent for moderating soil temperature.

Benedict can supply and deliver direct to your project – on time, every time. Centrally located in the Sydney basin we’ll save you time and money on cartage.