How many of us have created waste during the COVID days?  In the industry building sites full of construction waste have been popping up left, right and centre, Tradies are flat out, and even the home handymen are on their toes, knocking down walls in an attempt to maintain a ‘safe distance’.

“Construction waste, demolition waste, DIY waste – it’s better to get it recycled. Just give us a call, we’ll get you sorted, no problems” said Gay Willis, Sales Manager at Benedict Recycling. Together with Jesse Needham and Peter Hill, Gay and the entire Benedict Team are doing their utmost to ensure everyone gets what they want. We are accommodating large commercial tippers 24/7, sorting out local Tradies with great rates, and even loaning out tipping trailers* – for Free! (*check the website)

Benedict is the leader in resource recovery and has recycling centres in Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle, and… have recently opened a new facility in Girraween. “We’ve even got a facility at Bowral” said Gay before adding – “and don’t forget, even the general public with home reno’s or general waste is more than welcome to tip with us”

As the financial year draws to a close it is time for waste tipping and recycling companies to review their current rates in the marketplace, along with reviewing their ever-increasing site and production costs.

Benedict Recycling are aware that the second half of the current financial year has proved to be incredibly challenging for many people.

From late last year through the early months of 2020, New South Wales was alight with the most ferocious bushfires in our history. These fires left a wake of devastation and destruction so vast that the NSW Government took it upon themselves to deal with the clean-up programme.

And finally, trying to deal with COVID-19, the worst pandemic to ever hit Australia, has left so many people in dire circumstances.

Benedict Recycling understands both the financial and emotional pressure facing many of our customers, therefore we have decided that as of 1 July 2020 there will be no increase in rates at this time. We hope that this may help our customers get back on track.

Benedict will review the market situation in September and if warranted will look at a small increase in October. However, at this stage all rates will remain the same at Belrose, Chipping Norton, Girraween & Unanderra.

Just give any of our reps a call on 02 8761 0000 and they will be able to assist.