If you live in Sydney, you’re acutely aware of the fact that the city experienced the most recorded rain days since 1990. A well-timed reminder of the ever-present threat that weather poses, and its implications for industry.

Continual rain has a range of obvious impacts on the construction industry, the most obvious being delays. With the problem of course being that a single delay creates a domino effect, impacting the entire project plan.

And then, of course, we have not yet accounted for the less obvious impacts, nor the extremes – such as New South Wales’s recent spate of floods. New realities regarding the current operating environment, due to relentless rain, are presenting new challenges to the construction industry each day. The industry is experiencing queues of product deliveries due to continual delays, slowed product manufacturing capacity and unprecedented delivery demands during good weather days.

David Connor, Group Sales & Distribution Manager at Benedict, suggests some useful tips on how to avoid unforeseen delays as best possible. There are a few simple tactics that when utilised could help to hedge against weather risk. Weather-based pressures are extensive within the construction industry and should be properly accounted for.

Product manufacturing capacities have been hindered by the rains, meaning the industry is experiencing shortages of product supply. Placing your orders in advance helps to limit the impact of product supply shortages as demand can be predicted more accurately. Avoid project blow outs by updating plans that reflect and defend against weather risks. Call us on (02) 9986 3500 to book your order.

Benedict has proudly offered a next delivery service for over 55 years. However, in the current operating environment, there is a pent-up workload in the industry due to the rain. Predictions are that this is temporary. Once the industry and weather stabilise, Benedict Sand & Gravel hopes to return to next day delivery practice. Until the correction aligns demand with normal industry operating levels, account for the surge in demand on limited transport suppliers by booking deliveries in advance accordingly.

Benedict’s expert drivers have the skill and expertise to deliver in some of the tightest spots in Sydney. This level of professionalism is worth a little extra planning to ensure your product is delivered correctly.

Ordering with reputable suppliers whom you have long-standing, trustworthy relationships with can be the difference between success or failure when it comes to project completion. Open communication is generally afforded in these situations, loyalty helps drive honest commitments and reliable service delivery. While new suppliers may be saying all the right things, will they truly live up to the talk? Is the risk exposure accounted for in an untested relationship within the scope of an unprecedented industry operating environment?

Benedict has recognised the changes in the operating environment and has adapted its service delivery model accordingly. Accurate and clear communication with customers is central to the model. Benedict’s company-wide ethos of ‘doing the job right every time and on time’ remains relevant as we continue to adapt to challenges and ensure the ethos that customers have come to associate with our brand stands true. Email us to place your order.

As weather will continue to affect the construction industry in the future, in various forms – rains and flooding, fires, etc. it stands that sustainability should continue to be a major focus for industry and the businesses that operate within it. Benedict leads the way in research and innovative solutions and technologies that minimize land degradation, reducing negative human impact, rehabilitating degraded areas, and ensuring the optimal use of land resources for the benefit of present and future generations. Rehabilitating our sites using high quality and sustainable materials ensures an improved environment for generations to come and at the same time offers substantial economic and social benefits for the community.

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