Turfloam Topdressing


Benedict Sand and Gravel offer a diverse selection of Quarried and Recycled Sand/Soil blends that not only meet a wide range of applications and budgets but are also recognised in the market for their innovation and quality. None more so than our TURFLOAM range which has long been a favourite for Turf Underlay and Topdressing applications, due to its balance of drainage and water holding capacity.

Recently our Benedict Sands site at Menangle commenced extracting a new, approved alluvial resource, ensuring that Sydney has a reliable and consistent supply of Horticultural Materials for many years to come.

The introduction of this new resource and customer feedback has led to some product application changes for our Turf Underlay and Topdressing products.

Previously, both our TURFLOAM and TLOAMC20 products were suitable for topdressing, however the introduction of the new resource material means that small amounts of natural stick, charcoal and composted organics are present making these produces more suited to turf underlay applications.

However, Benedict offers a number of sand/soil blends, including organic options, specifically designed for topdressing applications.

Below are updated product descriptions for some of our most popular horticulture products, to assist in making the right decision on what product to use for which application:

PLEASE NOTE: To assure we meet our customer’s needs, and also to extend Sydney’s natural resources, many of our horticultural blends include a portion of recycled sustainable material where appropriate.


Benedict Sand and Gravel is committed to delivering quality in every tonne. Please feel free to contact our sales team or visit Sand and Soil Blends – Benedict Industries for more information.


80/20 turf underlay


80/20 topdressing

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