Thermal Resistivity Sand

Used for underground power cable installation or TR SAND is a quality assured, industry leading, engineered backfill material.

Benedict TR SAND is a quartz based, well graded sand that offers an extremely low thermal resistivity rating of approximately 0.7Km/W, at 97% compaction of MDD and 0.0% percent moisture.

The highly compactable nature of our TR SAND allows our material to be tightly packed around the power cable, minimising air space, and reducing resistance of heat flow between the cable and the ambient environment. This allows the heat to easily dissipate from the cable, and gives engineers the option to potentially use a lower rating of cable when used in conjunction with TR SAND, and benefit from the resulting cost savings to the project.

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  • Underground Power Cable Installation
  • Solar Farms
  • Wind Farms
  • Electrical Substations
  • Easily meets most stringent industry standards of < 1.0Km/W, at 97% compaction of MDD and 0.0% moisture

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