Benedict SmartMix® 10 Biofiltration Transition Sand

Benedict SmartMix® 10 Biofiltration Transition Sand is manufactured to comply with CRC Adoption Guidelines for Stormwater Biofiltration Systems (July 2015) as the transition sand (middle layer). It is a coarse washed recycled sand with a targeted particle range to assure excellent hydraulic conductivity (that is higher than the biofiltration filter media that sits above it).

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SmartMix® Biofiltration Profile 

use The Hills Rockslinger.



Smartmix® #10 Biofiltration Transition Sand is sold in conjunction with Smartmix® #9 Biofiltration Filter Media (M165) and Smartmix 11 – NoFines Drainage Gravel. The Biofiltration profile comprises three individually manufactured layers with the necessary characteristics to enhance hydraulic conductivity and ensure optimal bridging. Our bio-retention profile is scientifically tested, and engineered to exceed your specifications.

Benedict will not warrant the performance of the biofiltration profile unless all three layers are purchased from Benedict. Each layer in the biofiltration profile has been selected with consideration to their “Bridging Properties”, and alternate materials may not be compatible (resulting in particle migration between layers and potential failure of the system).

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