Today we celebrated women in this essential industry, the waste industry. What was secret women’s business not that long ago is now an everyday topic of conversation. Now is the time of waste and recycling, with so many interesting initiatives being driven by consumers and businesses alike.

Envirobank Recycling is at the forefront of that innovation, driving change with the help of the Container Distribution Scheme and their reverse vending machine technology. As shared by Anissa Levy, the CEO of NSW EPA, the Container Distribution Scheme has reduced can and bottle litter by 30% in the first 6 months. What an amazing achievement!

The consistent message delivered across all presentations was clearly innovation and collaboration.

We’re excited by Anissa’s commitment to collaboration and are excited to be working with her and the NSW EPA on the Circular Economy Policy which will be released this week for comment by industry.

Innovation and collaboration cannot be achieved without diversity and today we celebrated women and their achievements in waste. Both Anissa Levy, Acting Chair and CEO of EPA NSW, and Narelle Anderson, Founder and Managing Director of Envirobank, are prime examples of just that. Narelle is quoted as being the person who does things that others can’t, while Anissa is a known problem solver in complex situations.

Thank you Waste Management Association of Australia (WMAA) for providing the opportunity to be surrounded by such inspirational women and initiatives.

We at Benedict our proud of our team of women and what they achieve on a daily basis. They inspire us to solve complex problems and ensure the smooth running of our Benedict Family.