Natural Quartz Bunker Sand

Bunkers are an integral feature at every golf course and with installation of the new liner systems becoming more prevalent, demand for a reliable, quality bunker sand has increased dramatically.

Benedict has the solution. A new Quartz Bunker Sand, that is -2mm with angular particle shape, has excellent plugging resistance, optimal drainage, and the ability to sit well on steep faces. The hard quartz particle assures the integrity and durability of the sand for years to come – making it a wise investment for any club.

Feedback from all users of Cowra Bunker Sand is that it has an amazing ability to stay in place even after heavy rain, which means significantly reduced labour is required to maintain the bunkers up to the standards that members demand.

Whilst the white sand is already widely used in the golf course market, we have had some great responses from golf clubs that have had the opportunity to see the natural sand samples. Contact Matt Rooke on 0431 737 444 or Ross Whiting on 0488 282 238 to find out more.

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  • Bowling Green Ditch Sand
  • AGCSA – Bunker sand specification for Australian Golf Courses – Australian Golf Union (1995)

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